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[May. 14th, 2019|10:40 am]
Name: Lis
Age: 30+
Email address:
Timezone: PST (UK)
Discord: dreximgirl#3444
Username of journal to be used: magical_geek
Character tag: billy kaplan
Fandom: Marvel Young Avengers

Name (and any nicknames they use): William 'Billy' Kaplan
Age, Birthdate: 20
Sexuality: Homosexual

Played By: Tom Sturridge


Billy is a massive nerd. He loves TV shows and comic books and boardgames and will proudly tell you he's a geek. He is definitely not ashamed of his lack of cool. In fact Billy is pretty proud of who he is, as a kid he was bullied at school because he was openly gay but he didn't let it force him into hiding. He feels strongly about being true to yourself.

Billy will often run into a situation without thinking things through and hope everything works out. He can be very passionate about things he believes in and holds people, especially his heroes, to a very high standard. But he holds himself to those standards too. He hates letting people down and will often beat himself up if he feels that's happened.

He can be very sassy and snarky but he has a heart of gold and will defend those he loves to the best of his ability. Generally he is a calm person but will lose that calm if you threaten his friends or family. Laidback is definitely Billy's style.

His Young Avengers team is his chosen family and he adores them all.

Powers (if any): Reality warping, electrokinesis, teleportation, telekinesis, healing, flight, cryokinesis, photokinesis, solid energy constructs, pyrokinesis, conjuring.

Canon Point: Post New Avengers 2017
Items: Billy arrives in jeans and a hoodie as he was at home before arriving.

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